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Fatma Koser Kaya

Fatma Koser Kaya is a 46 year old former Dutch politician, having been a Member of Parliament for Democrats 66, also known as D66. This party is categorised as a social-liberal party, with Fatma Koser Kaya serving from 2004 to 2012. Kaya then became the deputy mayor for Wassenar for a period of 2 years there after. As a professional she trained as an attorney, working at FNV and eventually becoming a Union lawyer. Her successful career also saw her earn the position of deputy district judge in Gouda, where she also worked on social issues and pension legislation as well as being a member of the parlaimentary inquiry committee.

Career Profile

  • Civil Chambers Registrar at the Court of the Hague from 1992 to 1993
  • Research Assistant at Max Planck Institute during the later part of 1993
  • Lawyer at Kaya, Nijland and Visser Attorneys for a period of 4 years, leading up to the beginning of 1998
  • Dutch Trade Unions Federation employed her services as a union lawyer until the later part of 2003
  • She then joined the Old North law firm for a period of a year, based in Utrecht. This covers 2003 – 2004
  • Membership to the House of Representatives then followed from 2004 until 2012
  • From then Fatma took up the role of Alderman, covering a range of responsibilitie including:
    • Soicail affairs
    • Education
    • Welfare, housing and the environment

Fatma has also been a guest on the political conversation covering issues from the war in Iraq to immigration intergration and entrepreneurship.